Customer Testimonials

This has been a very stressful situation and I very much appreciate you helping me get this part of things taken care of in a professional and timely fashion.

Nancy M.

November 2018 - Estate Sale

Martin and I truly appreciate all you have done for us. Our warmest regards to you and your team. 

Margaret and Martin

July 2018 - Estate Sale

I would like to give my gratitude to Sunrise Estate Services Ltd for their dedication & commitment in their service for my uncle in downsizing and dispersal. 

A large home, shop, out buildings and sheds were all sorted and respectfully displayed for sale. We are all human hanging onto the memories of life & I can not express in words how I felt seeing all his treasures handled with such care and interest.  

I am very thankful to have been given the gift of a service we needed and a connection of spirit and friendship as well. 

Clare, Becky, Brian & Rosie - Thank You

Irene F.

June 2018 - Estate Sale

You’ve delivered on all points and consistently proved a high standard. It’s a pleasure working with you. Thankfully your flexibility and highly efficient service has helped us move forward with greater ease and grace. Your pricing is also fair and I would highly recommend Sunrise Estates. Many thanks for being special. 

Mark H.

May 2018 - Downsizing

I can't imagine how I would have ever done this on my own. I wish I could have but that just wasn't realistic. You have a very valuable service and I hope you realize how much you are appreciated!

Val S.

April 2018 - Downsizing

Our family would like to commend Sunrise Estate Services for their excellent professionalism in helping my family with downsizing our 50  years' worth of possessions! As well their compassion for our family after the loss of my husband was greatly appreciated! Thank you Sunrise  Estate Services!
Annette W.

November 2017 - Downsizing

What  a great team to get a big job done. You were efficient, helpful,  supportive, and helped me keep on track through the whole process of  "rehoming" our excess cargo. Thank you!
Chris B.

September 2017 - Estate Sale

​Highly  recommended! They went above and beyond, I can't say enough positive  things about their service. The only way to go if you find yourself  dealing with the difficult task of dealing with a home full of your  loved ones belongings.
Colette K.

March 2017 - Estate Sale

Fantastic service! What a great company to work with! Thanks for everything!
​Barb S.

August 2016 - Estate Clear Out

Great friendly people...very honest and fair priced.
Leo L.

July 2016

​Fantastic job, very nice people to work with! Really helped us downsize my mom. Very reasonable pricing.
Mora O.

August 2016 - Downsizing

I want to thank you both so very much for all of your hard work on the  living estate sale for my parents. I could never have done it without  you especially given our tight timeline. You both did a wonderful job  and I welcome the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
​Brenda C.

September 2016 - Estate Sale

Dalton and I both want so say thank you so very much for all the many hours you spent, to set up the estate sale for our house.
We both appreciate your thoughtfulness, organization, & commitment for the sale, which we were very happy about!
We will highly recommend both of you for anyone wishing to have an Estate Sale.  YOU ARE THE BEST!
Barbara and Dalton C.

September 2016  - Estate Sale