Estate Sales

Having  to dispose of a loved one’s estate can be emotionally stressful and  painful. Our team is here to help you liquidate the estate quickly and  efficiently, while respecting your needs in a compassionate manner.  Whether you are local or from out of town we are here to help during  this difficult time and will treat the property as if it were our own.

We  will meet with you and provide a free estimate of the services required.

Photo  inventory will be captured of the contents of all properties and if  required an inventory list can be included and provided to the personal  representative. Items  the personal representative and/or family wishes to keep will be packed  and removed prior to sale. Items will be shipped or delivered to the  family if they cannot pick up the items.

Remaining items will  be cleaned, organized and sold through multiple methods. Appraisals of  items will be completed when required.

Our company will facilitate and assist with on-site estate sales to liquidate the assets of the estate.

Items may also be sold by relocating them to a storage facility and sold privately for 30 days.

Our  company will advertise the sale of items through newspapers, internet,  social media, flyers, e-mails to regular customers and appropriate  community news sources. 

Remaining unsold goods will be delivered to the charity of your choice. We will also ensure debris pick-up and recycling.

After the contents are sold, we will provide cleaning of the residence to ensure the property is prepared for sale if required.

The  exterior of the property will be maintained until property is sold if  required including snow removal in the winter and lawn maintenance in  summer. We will check on the property and the house as per the insurance companies stipulations if required.

We can assist with the sale of the property by referrals to local appraisers and real estate agents if required.

Proudly serving all of Alberta.